Friday, October 30, 2009

Hi all , Hola pinche mexicanas , Here is a sample of the food that I have been creating worldwide over the last twenty years, some like the color combination's yellow and red is my signature art cuisine, others just variations on the standards, some from restaurants and others from yachts world wide.Please feel free to drool all over all and comment where you like. Currently I have just finished doing a session of photo shoots for my upcoming cookbook around the world in eighty menus .Well its a work in progress as I fit it in between cooking fine food for fine people. Some people have commented on my profile picture hating it or loving it . To me it expresses two things one that I am serious about my art and the other that no I am not an axe murderer but I do have a sence of humour. Enjoy and feel free to comment or email me at .

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A bit of Asian fusion here, not to radical Miso and pecans make up the flavor base for a mildly spiced King Prawn Pad Thai style dish which is balanced on a courgette base . Photo taken with the kind help of Cuban Mexican filmaker .Hatuey Viveros Lavielle Mex nov 2009.

Art cuisine , my style pure and simple. This is cod served with a cranberry and chipotle sauce ,Japanese pickled aubergine and chili rellinos which is made from Red peppers stuffed with Cuitlocouche (mexican corn mushroom)and chever'e . A serious mix of vastly contrasting strong flavors and alternating textures. From current Photo Shoot Mexico city Nov 2009 .

Zablione ( Italian Marsala wine cream angliase) served with gold leaf in crystal . I love working with gold leaf and always get the question is that eatable , and yes its an inert metal and completely flavorless but looks great and one of the best flashy garnishes i could think of that matched the table setting for this particlular table setting in Miamis fisher island .

 U10 scallops with polenta grainy crust kalamata tapanade and roasted peppers Maimi dec 2009

Red Renaissance Antipasto Plate ,
With Grava- lax of orange vodka , Pears poached in Merlot, Cheese loaf , Chevr'e french goats cheese and a couple of chilis for those who want to complicate the deal . From Nov 2009 photo shoot .

Sweet Halloween Thai Prawn Dream
This dish uses the Baby roast pumpkins as a dish for and tom yum gong with coconut cream sauce in which king prawns sauteed in polenta and opal basil are balanced . It is the first of the current photoshoot underway in nov 2009 for my upcoming cookbook . Where as most of the photos presented here are just examples of my work this is an example of how good you can make food look in a studio setting . Oh , it tastes good to . I make none of the common varnishing or cheating approaches to photography of food leaving it as it would be as if I served it to a lucky guest at a restaurant or on a yacht or estate.

New Zealand racks of lamb served on sweet potato with thyme crust and salsa of tamarillo and red mole , the mexican touch , as cooked for the presentation at Macys department store in New York Sept 2009. For more on this and the flaming dessert el toro rojo y chiquita hermana go to .....

This Photograph from a recent photo session in Mexico city was taken by a very talented Argentinian Photographer Mario Martinez Celis and captures much of what I aim for in my fiction based Art cuisine . The plate is a calamari ink pasta with morels Prosciutto and a queso azul creamed sauce with a sharp kick of chili oil . The dish itself, especially the way it has been captured to me alludes towards a dark island exotic and colorful with sunset meandering sauces weeping across the plate . It has many varied textures and flavors and begs for a menu to pull you into its flavors and story.An ideal candidate for fusion fiction.

Lemon tartlette mixed forest berries and a white wine poached pear with saffron threads bows to the almond tuille biscuit 2004 Sint Marteen

Castles of chicken liver pate , reduced basil and queso azul , forboding and mythical ,rich and strong like a grand in some other time monument seeping into history. On Charter early in the morning on MY/ Impulsive we passed a beautiful island just north of Naples Italy where the guests all brought out there cameras trying to capture the mornings sunlight gleaming through some castle ruins. I did the same at dinner time .

And for these Beautiful cocktails , well sorry cant lay claim to those , these are samples from my upcoming cookbook and are made by my partner Laura Lopez Lopez and will be included in the finished book . We have worked together in three restaurants and one yacht , Mexico Guatemala and in New Zealand and the cookbook which has a cocktail section will be our next joint venture .
Recipes for these which I photographed are available on the Semmillero Mezcal site, sorry only in spanish. .

More examples and the stories that go with them as well as some recipes and my photos are available at

I am never quite sure that I believe those containers that say fat free sour cream , but anyway this is a fat free sour cream mandarin and lemon mousse cake with cashew pieces and a sugar free chocolate brownie crust , For those who want healthy and believe the labels , for the others more up with the truth just take a small slice .

Cinamon and almond tuille biscuits shoot up from a lighter than air buttercotch snapps mousse with fresh strawberry jelly on top , while strange sea creatures do battle in the back .

All Italian Marsala wine zabilone , a sabayon will never be the same after tasting this Italian predecessor and cousin 2001 NYC

The smaller the sweeter , that's sort of the rule with Caribbean lobster , to large and they have no flavor , this is paired with a sauce my parents cooked for many a happy wedding party back in the 70's and is a much lighter and lemon zinged home made thousand island mousse . not to be mixed up with that horrible thousand island dressing you buy in a jar .