Friday, October 30, 2009

And for these Beautiful cocktails , well sorry cant lay claim to those , these are samples from my upcoming cookbook and are made by my partner Laura Lopez Lopez and will be included in the finished book . We have worked together in three restaurants and one yacht , Mexico Guatemala and in New Zealand and the cookbook which has a cocktail section will be our next joint venture .
Recipes for these which I photographed are available on the Semmillero Mezcal site, sorry only in spanish. .

More examples and the stories that go with them as well as some recipes and my photos are available at

I am never quite sure that I believe those containers that say fat free sour cream , but anyway this is a fat free sour cream mandarin and lemon mousse cake with cashew pieces and a sugar free chocolate brownie crust , For those who want healthy and believe the labels , for the others more up with the truth just take a small slice .

Cinamon and almond tuille biscuits shoot up from a lighter than air buttercotch snapps mousse with fresh strawberry jelly on top , while strange sea creatures do battle in the back .

All Italian Marsala wine zabilone , a sabayon will never be the same after tasting this Italian predecessor and cousin 2001 NYC

The smaller the sweeter , that's sort of the rule with Caribbean lobster , to large and they have no flavor , this is paired with a sauce my parents cooked for many a happy wedding party back in the 70's and is a much lighter and lemon zinged home made thousand island mousse . not to be mixed up with that horrible thousand island dressing you buy in a jar .

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