Art Cuisine

Art Cuisine

So named by the New Zealand herald in 1998 . The white Room Restaurant opened its doors this year as an off shoot of the very busy Roasted addiqtion cafe . An all white room was created with the use of white light boxes where a color based and later politics based menu was created . Although short lived (2 years) the restaurant gained rave reviews and had a steady busy clientele of happy patrons . The first menu or all colors mixed appetizers mains and desserts on the same plates . A mix of cuisines temperatures and styles along with a special blend of Auckland service , (Sarcastic with a big smile )....most of the staff being out of work actors and artists.
For myself it was a special stepping stone in my cooking style where my cuisine became unlike anything else offered in New Zealand at the time and still I believe for those who where lucky enough to honor its tables an example that there are no rules in cooking as long as what you do do it well and the public will gladly support it . 

An adventure for the mind and palate of the bold dinner  for the palate and the bold dinner……”  

roasted tomatoes and red peppers both stuffed with different varied morsels , a salsa of merlot  Aus jus mixed with borsht and spirelletes of chicken with tom yum gong paste and picked baby ginger . A similar themed plate was designed years later for The Blue Ice cafe in Franz Joseph Glacier resort town ten years later . Please read the menu description on Blue Ice page to understand the full intention of mixing not just cuisines and colors but also fiction in the menu into the whole deal .

This is from the same menu and is actually just all the elements of a standard curry except the feta , the roti roll holding a nutty sate marsala with a riata and a bannana coconut sauce . I just pulled all the elements apart and rebuilt them in an artistic fashion.

This is a more recent Japanese and Mexican fusion plate
 using the same ideas the white room created but ten year later.
This Cod dish has a chill rellinos based with chuitlacoche
 a Mexican corn mushroom . All of this dish is strong flavors all completely
 different the only subtle texture is the fish itself which goes with all the rest sort of like potato might normally be used as a mixing base on the fork when eating meat or veg or sauces.

To anyone who has visited washington square park you will recognize the cube sculpture
which I made this dessert to match with red white and blue for a july 4th dinner
on board MY Impulsive cruising the harbour as the fireworks went off.
The writing on the plates was NYC the center of the world for some
America but also a home for many different people from
many other different places .
The yacht owner is a hotel mogul from NYC