Friday, October 30, 2009

Hi all , Hola pinche mexicanas , Here is a sample of the food that I have been creating worldwide over the last twenty years, some like the color combination's yellow and red is my signature art cuisine, others just variations on the standards, some from restaurants and others from yachts world wide.Please feel free to drool all over all and comment where you like. Currently I have just finished doing a session of photo shoots for my upcoming cookbook around the world in eighty menus .Well its a work in progress as I fit it in between cooking fine food for fine people. Some people have commented on my profile picture hating it or loving it . To me it expresses two things one that I am serious about my art and the other that no I am not an axe murderer but I do have a sence of humour. Enjoy and feel free to comment or email me at .

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A bit of Asian fusion here, not to radical Miso and pecans make up the flavor base for a mildly spiced King Prawn Pad Thai style dish which is balanced on a courgette base . Photo taken with the kind help of Cuban Mexican filmaker .Hatuey Viveros Lavielle Mex nov 2009.

Art cuisine , my style pure and simple. This is cod served with a cranberry and chipotle sauce ,Japanese pickled aubergine and chili rellinos which is made from Red peppers stuffed with Cuitlocouche (mexican corn mushroom)and chever'e . A serious mix of vastly contrasting strong flavors and alternating textures. From current Photo Shoot Mexico city Nov 2009 .

Zablione ( Italian Marsala wine cream angliase) served with gold leaf in crystal . I love working with gold leaf and always get the question is that eatable , and yes its an inert metal and completely flavorless but looks great and one of the best flashy garnishes i could think of that matched the table setting for this particlular table setting in Miamis fisher island .

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