Monday, September 15, 2014

Picking up some Bali tips

Just back from Bali , My 75th country but who is counting.
Highly recommend The Anika Cooking Classes in Tuban (Kuta) 
for anyone wishing to learn a few Bali styles while you are in-between getting massages on the beach and checking out the surf.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Just one of the selection of to share
dishes on offer at Turanga creek Vineyard.
"Deep in the Woods"
Eye Fillet with freeze dried plum; beets,
Truffle oil, micro greens, and portebella mushrooms
Rustic and woody in taste and look.
Nov 2013

Both of these dishes seem to sum up my current trend in cuisine creation.
I am attempting to follow a mix of traditional cuisine ideas with simplifying 
the dish components.
 Less about the fluff, more about the perfection of each item on the plate , 
The aus jus being a perfect clean blood red , the garnishes when they are there
edible and add to the total appeal. 
The restriction of elements on the plate to a color code,
not just for the pure beauty but because they actually marry well together.
25 years of cooking and still learning. :-) 

June 2014