Creative Dining Club

Creative Dining Club

This event took place in October 2013 
and was the concept of myself in partnership 
with Hubert Lauriot-Prevost
with four courses and starting cocktail and wines 
All courses where wine matched.Service was casual Silver service
Club Manouche volunteered there french Gypsy jazz talents to the event. 

Primero Picnic Deluxe

Rum Delux , cocktail.

Please turn off your cell phones
Put on your smiling face, turn up your conversation, sit back and relax and enjoy.


In the beginning Darwin style, none of that Christ business
I believe Bivalves where pretty early in the evolutionary scheme.
Coremandel oysters served two ways a little bit of spice, a little bit of japan
Al la natural for the nudists.


Peruvian Chipotle Ceviche on peas sprouts with Seaweed.
What sort of animal is a Lama I ask myself, horse crossed with a sheep
If there was god what was he thinking?

Little Red Riding Hood

Dry aged savannah Grass fed beef with
Beet mushroom caviar merlot/ cab reduction.
A taste of deep in the woods, No starch here
Wolves don’t eat potatoes.

Say Cheese time, smile. What cheese ? you tell me !

Sweet finale

Tamarillo choc and chili mousse ,Black and white marbling.

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