Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I am a New Zealand born Chef working with cuisine to create mixes of fusion cuisine and fiction.
            My International profile is a mixture of my talents collected worldwide in restaurants and Yachts based initially out of New Zealand 1988 -2000, New York 2000-on , Europe, the Caribbean and for the last three years based from Mexico city. Most recently in Mexico I was freelance chef to the New Zealand embassy there and did functions including one for visiting ministers of state in November 2010.
I am currently back in New Zealand and have just finished up a summer season in Pauanui.From big cities to backwater retreat , no-one can say my experience is not varied . My food and cocktail photography, my other passion can also be viewed on .

Monday, June 7, 2010


Cervena ( New Zealand Venison) This recipe has been posted on E gourmet site and other sites in Mexico . The sauce of tamarillo and ground cardamon contrasts the horseradish cream potatoes and is sweetened with the onion marmalade . The sauces and the venison will be married with a italian napoletana brioche for a joint embassy event in Coyocan , Mexico city on August 1st 2010.