Blue Ice Menu

Blue Ice Cafe and Restaurant Menu Franz Joseph Glacier town 2008

The following are exerts from the menu
 which show my approach to mixing fiction and my
photography into menu design not just to describe food
but to entertain and embellish the whole dining experience.

Hine Hukatere

Can you hear her whisper on the wind?
The voice is the silence we mere mortals cannot hear. Each word a god talks. We can see her tears. They cry for lost love, climbing her fingers of icy realm, through time, through rock and things older than mere life. Her tears fresh stream meanders where her lover lies beneath. Holding him still, love through the ages outlasting us all. Except those who begin again, Life in her loss whose whitebait reaches out too sea, in a year returns to furnish us with a fish
The fruit of sea and love.

 Hine Hukatere
West coast Whitebait fritters
With pineapple and tomato fresh salsa
On garlic toasts. Celebrate the beauty of love.

Marriage: Domaine Georges Michel Golden Mile
$9.00 – 35.00


Green like the colour of our rainforests, the moss that hangs from the walking trails and bowing trees, the endless fields
of sheep and rolling foothills, and the tone of our conscience. We are away from the rest of the world. Different and proud of such that our birds and trees and minds can be as part of the world and again off on our own little islands unique as well. Let’s hope we can keep it that way.

From the land of 64 million sheep
French cut lamb rack (1/2) Thyme and rosemary crusted in Panko
Served with oshio’s Rajneesh Verde sauce
With trees of blanched broccoli and veg
On potato mash hinting horseradish.

 Artisan Syrah ( Hawkes bay)
$10.50 – 41.00


What lasts for-ever? The mountain solid as a rock even glaciers take eons to carve. The sea that continually laps our shores and might freeze but will never dry. The moon that is to far away for us to damage, though no-one yet has tried to aim a missile at it. The sun that rises each morning giving life. She hides away by night as if it has escaped. It’s a trick; she just keeps on beaming her rays. Some scientists say one day she will die, that will be the bloody day. Gaia, mother earth will outlive us all. Last but not least the other woman, our mother, whose recipes tried true perfected last throughout the ages.

Mother’s recipe
Blue ice secret recipe Lamb shanks slow cooked with rich Aus jus
Served with potato mash and cauliflower, broccoli and steamed seasoned greens.

Marriage: long honest and true.
Brookfield’s Cabernet Sauvignon

$8.00 - $32.00

Red: The Bricklayer’s Sad Tale

        Violet red rose in a vase looking out across rolling hillsides and well-kept hedges. Red of fruit so sweet and of tomato so evil with mandrake roots.
        Brick by red brick, the laborer piles up the minions that construct the house someone else will live in—bricks red like the complexion of his saturated, flushed, alcoholic face after the day is over.
       Scarlet like the affair his wife is having while he toils. Embarrassed when the girl in the shop shortchanges him with both cash and desire.
          The red under the bed, but McCarthey is gone, and the revolutionary, the union man will not be around much longer either. Crimson runs from his torn hands that hard work, toil, and anger create. The red flame burns on, spiraling out of control; should he have lit it. The flames grow redder and hotter, like the rage that will burn down his little world: his job, his wife, his life. All the houses he has ever built—if only they would burn.
        Fire burned down the forests. It was the kiln that baked his bricks, that fed the oven that feeds us all, the warmth in the winter.
       It was there when time began, and will be there when it all comes to end                                                        Red
Venison Denver Leg
Blueberry and cab sav glaze
Roasted tomatoes Kumara and pumpkin mash and baby beetroot and sauerkraut.
Marriage; broken. This apricot spiced wine contrasts the density of the venison and sweetness of the Glaze
Artisan Pinot Gris
$9.00 – 36.00

Conscientious objector

Hidden away in the bushes for weeks living off the land just wanting to live his own life. He was always a loner. The government wanted him enlisted to fight some war in some far off country and when he evaded that they wanted him to hand over his guns, his tools to hunt and survive . He said no and then it was him that they hunted. A bleak time in New Zealand history as the hunters day by day found they where no match for this man who was a lot more accustomed to life in the bush than them and a much better shot. Eventually his day was up but not before a lesson was taught. Maybe loners should be left alone.

The vegetarian option
Pakora vegetables served with a spicy tomato salsa (mild) and baby ginger scented jasmine rice.
with tandori oil with acidophylis stripes
Add breast of Chicken

Marriage; triple blessed water from a Buddhist temple.
Next best thing , 42 below feijoa vodka with lemonade over ice.

El Toro rojo y la hermosa chiquita

Blackberry and merlot, tart like some girls, sweet like others just wanting something more. Wanting a faster life, to move on and do a little better for herself than the crowd and to get out, every now and then. To just Fly, “fly like an eagle, fly like an eagle up, up to the sky”. Maybe she listened to too many of her parents records. Maybe she just shares their dreams.
EL toro y chiquita
Layer of blackberry and merlot jelly with sweet butterscotch Mousse served with a “red bull” Jelly and an enthusiastic flaming of full strength absinthe.
Served on fire with marshmallows to toast.


This dessert was made romantically for a couple to eat together
at the table where the absinthe was lighted 
and then the couple would toast 
their marshmellows 
before romantically indulging
through the multiple layers
of mousse which represent the 
various characteristics of Love .

This whole Menu was 22 pages long and 
gained an excellent review in the 
West Coast times , the oldest
News Paper in New Zealand.




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