Friday, October 30, 2009

 U10 scallops with polenta grainy crust kalamata tapanade and roasted peppers Maimi dec 2009

Red Renaissance Antipasto Plate ,
With Grava- lax of orange vodka , Pears poached in Merlot, Cheese loaf , Chevr'e french goats cheese and a couple of chilis for those who want to complicate the deal . From Nov 2009 photo shoot .

Sweet Halloween Thai Prawn Dream
This dish uses the Baby roast pumpkins as a dish for and tom yum gong with coconut cream sauce in which king prawns sauteed in polenta and opal basil are balanced . It is the first of the current photoshoot underway in nov 2009 for my upcoming cookbook . Where as most of the photos presented here are just examples of my work this is an example of how good you can make food look in a studio setting . Oh , it tastes good to . I make none of the common varnishing or cheating approaches to photography of food leaving it as it would be as if I served it to a lucky guest at a restaurant or on a yacht or estate.

New Zealand racks of lamb served on sweet potato with thyme crust and salsa of tamarillo and red mole , the mexican touch , as cooked for the presentation at Macys department store in New York Sept 2009. For more on this and the flaming dessert el toro rojo y chiquita hermana go to .....

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