Saturday, December 22, 2012

Importance of a team and new challenges

Chambord Red velvet cake 

                  As the new year arrives new and exciting prospects arrive with it .
2012 was an eventful year with lots of challenges in running the kitchen in a exciting and eventful theatre. 80,000 people came through our doors.At the end of last year just as we were setting up shop we jumped in head first catering events including cooking for The All Blacks and Japanese rugby teams around 'The World Cup'. There was bustling music theatre and burlesque all with their demands small and large catering events from 20 to 450 .The little kitchen, and I really do mean little, had my supportive and talented staff pumping out food which many commercial kitchens would find a challenge all to great response.The Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra came into their Green Room to find in addition to their complimentary catering a Ukulele carved out of a watermelon. A travel trip to africa was catered with Chaka Chat hot pork pies and Nigerian Goat kebabs. Variety change and challenge seemed to most aptly sum up the year at Q . I leave knowing I rose to the challenge and succeeded . There will be new challenges in the new year. I hope I can find a team as good as Marcel Ignacio and Ivan Pachon, Daniel Tiehuis and Tj  to help me through.I wish Q all the best in the future year as it arrives its a great new centre for the Arts in Auckland and really starting to create its own unique identity. 

Coxhina's of smoked chicken and brie (Brazil)

Luckily for the next Head Chef they are building a real kitchen ........

Come on 2013 , excite me and challenge me .....