Thursday, July 6, 2017

Ngati Pakeha

'Ngati Pakeha'
You have lived so many lives in so many places
Whose blanket is that you wear?
When a tree has no roots
It is only driftwood to the sea

 'Ngati Pakeha'
You borrow parables like those words are your own
'Aroha atu aroha mai'
Yet you wonder why it does not balance
Love is received in the giving, not as a result of it

 'Ngati Pakeha'
Where is your mountain? 
Where is your river?
What supports you?
Why are you here?

'Ngati Pakeha'
By the name you use for yourself you lay claim
To be more than a passing traveller
Come sit by the fire
There is plenty of kai to go around
If you don’t abuse your welcome.

'Ngati Pakeha'
Share your blanket
Love is in the giving
Truth is in the knowing
Who you really are.

Come, Come sit by the fire
I promise I won’t eat you.  

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